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Customer Reviews

I have bought my oxygen tanks and various other medical items through A&R medical for 20+ years. Their store is well stocked and their sales people are very helpful. Customer care is quick and efficient. This is a nice company to deal with.

Carol Lloyd

I have used A & R Medical for most of my elderly father’s medical supply needs. We purchased his scooter, ramps and other equipment from them. I went in today to order a replacement scooter seat & basket from them. While there, Marlene assisted me in ordering those items for him. She called the manufacturer to ensure they were available while I waited. She then subsequently showed me a bed rail and transfer bar as well as a transfer bar with a swivel tray to assist him in and out of his recliner. Marlene was indispensable. She even assisted me with carrying out the products that didn’t require ordering. I highly recommend this local business


We were greeted by Marlene. My son and I were looking for a lifting chair for my husband who had been injured in a fall. She was most helpful demonstrating the chair we were interested in. She was not pushy and showed concerns for my husband’s needs. We bought the chair then and there, brought it home and my husband was most pleased. Thank you so much, Marlene for your professionalism, concerns, and advice and help. You have a fine employee in Marlene.

Jill Petty

Product Highlight


There are several devices used to deliver oxygen at home. Oxygen is usually delivered through nasal prongs (an oxygen cannula) or a face mask. Oxygen equipment can attach to other medical equipment such as CPAP machines and ventilators. Oxygen therapy can help you feel better and stay active. Learning all you can about oxygen therapy can help you feel more comfortable and confident. Home oxygen is essential to those living with chronic respiratory conditions or illnesses that restrict oxygen to the blood stream.  Our experienced Respiratory Clinicians carefully evaluate a patient’s preference, lifestyle, and medical needs to deliver oxygen therapy treatment.


Choose From A Wide Range of Manual Wheelchairs

A+R Medical takes pride in helping our customers with all of their mobility needs. Our extensive collection of manual wheelchairs provides you with a variety of options to find the wheelchair that meets your unique specifications.

Whether you need a basic model or specific support features, we can help. Choose from a selection of five different types of manual wheelchairs, all with unique features for people with all types of mobility needs.

Experience The Advantage of Using A Manual Wheelchair

Investing in a manual wheelchair immediately improves your mobility and provides you with these benefits:

  •       Choose from many different makes and models
  •       They are easy to travel. They are easy to fold.
  •       They can be used as little or as much as you need
  •       They are cost effective
  •       They require minimum maintenance

Lift Chairs

Relaxer PR-756 Lift Chair with MaxiComfort MaxiComfort is now available on more models than ever before! Golden’s patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology is standard on the Relaxer Medium and Relaxer Large. Every MaxiComfort chair comes standard with our patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief and improved circulation.


The #1 source for Jobst compression stockings and garments. From compression socks to medical and diabetic wear, we have you covered.

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