Featuring an UltraSoft memory foam cushion, the ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face  CPAP Mask With Headgear is designed to provide a superior fit and secure seal. The  memory foam cushion is disposed of every 30 days, making the cleaning process easy  with no soap and water needed. Designed for a comfortable night, the AirTouch F20 is  simple and easy to use with a clear line of sight.

AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask Features and Benefits: 

Memory Foam Cushion

  • Open Light of Sight
  • Quick-Release Elbow and Magnetic Headgear Clips
  • Comfortable Plush Headgear
  • QuietAir Vent Reduces Noise to Only 21 Decibels

The ResMed AirTouch F20 is Ideal For: 

  • Light Sleepers
  • Those Who Have Sensitive Skin
  • Those Who Breathe From Their Nose and Mouth
Say Goodnight to Silicone: Memory Foam Cushion Layer for a Secure and Comfortable Seal The AirTouch F20 mask is ResMed’s softest mask to date! Instead of a traditional silicone cushion, this  ResMed mask uses an UltraSoft memory foam cushion to create a highly comfortable CPAP therapy  experience. The memory foam provides a better fit and seal than silicone while giving you a soft,  breathable, and comfortable feel at any therapy pressure. While ResMed reports that “UltraSoft  memory foam doesn’t require cleaning when replaced regularly,” we’d still recommend a daily wipe down, even if following the 30-day replacement schedule.

Under-the-Eye Frame for an Open Light of Sight 

The memory foam padding of the AirTouch F20 face mask reduces pressure on the bridge of your nose  and doesn’t leave behind a facial marking for an overall more comfortable sleep apnea therapy  experience. Providing stability, the under-the-eye frame and absence of forehead support allows you  to watch television or read a book before bed.

Quick Release Elbow and Magnetic Clips Make It Easy to Put On and Take Off If you need to get up frequently at night, the AirTouch F20 is designed with a Quick Release Elbow to  disconnect you from your CPAP machine without needing to remove your mask. Simply press the tabs  and pull the elbow off of your mask when you need to, then click it back in place once you are ready  to resume therapy. To easily remove and put on your mask, the magnetic clips lock into place on the  frame for quick mask placement.

Plush Headgear for Comfort and Stability 

To get a comfortable sleep, the AirTouch F20 headgear and mask frame are plush and created to give  you the comfort and stability you deserve.

QuietAir Vent Reduces Noise to Only 21 Decibels 

The QuietAir Vent is developed with exhalation diffuser technology within the AirTouch F20 mask elbow  to make for a soft and gentle sound. To lightly disperse air, the F20 mask has small multidirectional  openings to quiet the night to only 21 decibels, which is softer than a whisper.

What’s Included: 

  • Mask in Selected Size
  • Headgear